Belong Catering supports local farmers and artisans. These are people that work to bring the very best, the most intense, the ripest, juiciest, flavour bursting and nutrient dense ingredients available in Ontario, then Canada, and in some rare cases: the world. Our lowest standard of procurement is organic.


It is the discovery that having this standard of excellence in farming, stewarding the land, ethically raising livestock, and following moral imperatives such as fair pay to workers and keeping a small carbon footprint lead to something called sustainability.


To be sustainable is to work and thrive using processes and techniques that give back to the land and animals in our food systems and encourages bio-diversity, rich soil health, animals that live in safe, comfortable dignity in the sunshine eating the foods they are supposed to eat and that make them healthy and strong.


But it’s more than just food choice and ingredients. Belong Catering is about creating a connection between the natural food from our land, the farmers that nourish and harvest it, and ultimately, the people who enjoy it.


It’s this ‘circle of sustainability’ that will surround your event – a sense of ‘belonging’ to the environment and to the beautiful Evergreen Brick Works venue. It’s this dedication to provenance, preparation and presentation that stand as a testament to value.