Our Mission


Belong Catering is different.


Not just different in that we always begin with FRESH ingredients.


Not just different in that we have professional tradespeople cooks preparing all of the food from scratch onsite each day.


Not just different in that our lowest standard of purchasing is organic and that we source locally, we encourage and reward sustainability, that we know our farmers, artisans, craftspeople and the entire, preferably short, journey your ingredients took to get to Evergreen Brick Works.


But entirely different in that we will be able to customize your food entirely for your event. We love to work directly with you to understand the food that means something to you, the dishes that have mattered in your life, the touchstones and the cultures that give us these wonderful variations of both experience and personal attachment.


Therefore, please peruse these menus and event configurations to understand some base pricing, some basic configurations and, hopefully, enjoy some seasonal examples in each category of dishes that we have honourably served in the past, but know that you can have exactly these dishes, or we will happily meet with you in person and you will have the exact menu that pleases you and will delight, energize and give sustenance to your guests.


Executive Chef Brad Long

Brad Long is recognized as one of the top chefs in Canada. His talents are highly acclaimed by some of the country’s toughest food critics - VQA Restaurant Awards of Excellence and Globe and Mail Top 10 restaurants of the year.


Brad Long

Currently Long is chef and owner of Café Belong and Belong Catering. He is a co-host of the Food Network smash hit Restaurant Makeover and is currently in post-production of a new provocative food documentary. An active advocate for sustainable farming and ethical treatment of livestock, balancing work and family is vital to Long. When he isn’t creating menus, speaking with farmers or checking the freshness of new produce, he relishes family time with his wife Sheryl and their five children.